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School Bus Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

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School Bus Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

Our school system is large and there are plenty of school buses hauling thousands of students every day in our school districts. That makes for crowded roads over the area on school days, and some of those people driving the buses are not very well trained or experienced.School Bus Accidents - Personal Injury Lawyers

Due to this high volume, lack of driver attentiveness, ignorance of other drivers regarding the law on when to stop around school buses, accidents involving these buses occur at a fairly high rate. That has lots of consequences for both the students inside the bus that smash up against seats and roofs and each other, as well as for the driver of the vehicle that gets crunched by a large bus. Serious injuries, unfortunately, are not rare.

If you have been in a school bus accident as either a passenger or driver of the other vehicle, get in touch with a good bus accident attorney to talk about your case. She/he will evaluate your case and see if there is a way to pursue it and get the compensation that you will need.

Putting your child on a school bus is a bit of an act of faith. You trust that your little one, or teenager, will arrive at school without incident. As we all know, this does not always occur. Some school bus drivers are inexperienced, others can be negligent. It can take a while, especially at the start of a school year, for a school system to discover who the sub-standard drivers are.

Other factors that enter into school bus accidents are defects in bus design, irregular maintenance of buses, travel in dangerous conditions or on poorly maintained roads, and the lack of seatbelts on buses. Your bus accident lawyer will know every possible angle to pursue your case, not to “beat the system,” but to ensure that justice is done for you.

Going up against the school districts will be too daunting for even the most strong-minded individual. On the other hand, an experienced personal injury lawyer will know exactly how hard to push and how to get your case resolved in a satisfactory manner. She/he will know the courts, the judges, the opposing lawyers, and the school administrators involved in the case. That familiarity will lead to an insightful strategy and increase your chances at maximum compensation for medical bills, lost work time, and pain and suffering.

If your child was the one involved in the accident, you will be very glad that you let a personal injury attorney handle the case. Your child’s lifelong health might be on the line; that means it’s no time for amateurs in the courtroom.

Contact a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Any accident involving a government institution has a statute of limitations. Get a free consultation and find out if you have solid legal grounds to pursue your case as a victim.

Any school bus accident is a bit of a nightmare; don’t let its effects linger for a lifetime. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer today.

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